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This is my first post. (Aside: I developed my first website in 1990 but have not stayed current.)

Formal training and extensive experience in:
Philosophy, Finance, Small Business, Politics, Accounting
Hydrocarbon Mud Logging (I know what the Bakken shale is when it comes up in the news)

Blog topics:
Economics: Study of the Allocation of Resources
Finance: The Language of Economics
Public Policy: the Practice of Economics
Blog goal: statement and continuing study of long-pondered and (hopefully) well-reasoned opinions and observations.


David Henderson asks:  Can a Principled Person “Rise Above Principle?”

This is a nonsensical question.
Briefly: If you are not following your stated principles then you are following principles that you are refusing to acknowledge.

In economics this very question is asked and answered with the following story:


Two people are walking past a music store when one turns to the other and says “I’ve always wanted to play the violin. The other, an economist, responds: “obviously not.”


Most of us (for the sake of example) are familiar with sports figures offering up their success to Jesus or God. This is a true statement of their belief that they had very little to do with some of their most basic, most marketable skills. Their humility (an acknowledgement of a higher power) is also part of their success in that they know that the gifts they have are to be used to honor their God.

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    First Comment on first post (from myself). I’m trying to get the hang of administration. I hope to make this less intrusive going forward.

    I do not want anonymous posts but I will avoid moderating if the comments are kept civil.

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      On general principle, unless changing notes manipulates the value of the money (which makes it a totally different question), the most effective note would be one that is easiest to use.


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